Not only are 80 % of chronic diseases in America caused by environmental factors but many of them can be prevented or even reversed with lifestyle and dietary interventions.

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Registered Nurse, Integrative Health Coach & Functional Medicine Practitioner

      Through my personal experience with autoimmune thyroid disease, I have learned how powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes can be.  Healing is not just physical but emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental.  As a Nurse Coach, I use a holistic root cause approach to wellness and work with clients 1:1.  Together, we create a personalized wellness plan to get them feeling their best.   I meet with clients virtually or in person in Franklin, TN.


     In 2012 I graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.  My experience includes nursing education, substance abuse, mental health, case management, pediatrics and med-surg.  I completed the Transformational Integrative Nurse Coaching Program from The Nurse Coach Collective and am pending Nurse Coach Board Certification through the American Holistic Credentialing Corporation.  I have also received training in functional medicine and functional nutrition from The Institute of Functional Medicine and the School of Applied Functional Medicine. 

Strengthen and support your immune function using integrative approaches backed by clinical research.

What I Specialize In


What I Specialize In

Thyroid Health

Autoimmune Disorders 

Weight Loss

Functional Nutrition

Habit Modification

Habit Modification

Lifestyle Medicine

Inflammatory Diseases

Gut Health

Stress Reduction

Hormonal Imbalance

Functional Testing I Offer

Comprehensive GI Profiles

Great Plains Laboratory and Microbiome Labs

Organic Acids Test

Nutritional and Metabolic Profiles

Great Plains Laboratory

DUTCH testing

Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormones

Precision Anayltical

Mycotox Profile

Mold Exposure 

Great Plains Laboratory

Heavy Metal Testing 

Great Plains Laboratory

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Thanks to Melissa’s coaching, I have been motivated to reestablish healthy routines such as regular exercise, a healthier diet, and focusing on a positive mental attitude. Her   unique perspective, particularly about various healthy foods--what to eat and what to avoid--provided me with new information that will help me improve my health even more. Melissa's encouragement and cheerful attitude made me want to try harder and do better for the next meeting


I would recommend Melissa to anyone dealing with any number of health issues. More specifically, anyone dealing with an autoimmune disease. Based on my experience as well as others I know it can be possible to get free of many medications that only create the illusion of healthiness. With her help and resources along with a proper Functional Medicine Doctor it can be possible to achieve a high level of health without the need of drugs.

~Matt I. 34, Nashville, TN

I learned a lot of information about my condition that I did not know.  Information from recent studies and some things to try to make me more comfortable as I heal. 


I felt more confident knowing I could ask a nurse questions as I needed to and did not have to wait until my next appointment six months from now with my Dr.  She could address most of my concerns as they came up.  If it was something for my Dr. to address, she would say so and encourage me to reach out to him.


If you are newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and don’t know where to start, Melissa can really help you.  If you need someone to walk with you for a time, short or long, Melissa is for you.  If you need someone to help keep you on track, Melissa can do that too. I highly recommend her coaching services!"

~Jeannetta H. 52, TN



I was struggling with weight loss after my femur was broken. I was very encouraged after my meetings with Melissa and her insight on options for me to research.


My experience with Melissa was very positive and found her to be very engaging in listening to my concerns. She offered different ideas and provided me links to additional information. In addition, she encouraged me to get back on track at my local gym.


If you are seeking a knowledgeable and caring provider, please contact Melissa. She will definitely guide you on establishing your personal goals.

- J. T 54


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