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Meet Melissa, 

Founder of Integrative Nurse Coaching, Registered Nurse, Board Certified Nurse Coach & Functional Medicine Practitioner

    After struggling with undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid disease for several years,  I learned how powerful nutrition and lifestyle can be for reversing disease symptoms.  I utilize my clinical and personal experience to help clients recover from chronic disease symptoms and enjoy life again. 

   In my practice, I take a root cause approach to wellness and understand healing is not just physical but mental, spiritual, emotional and environmental. I serve clients virtually nationwide and also see clients in person in Franklin, TN.


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  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing UT Health San Antonio

  • Nursing License #197003, State of Tennessee Multi-Compact State

  • Founder of Functional Nurse Academy

  • Approved Continuing Education Provider # 50-33409

  • Board Certified Nurse Coach, American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation

  • Institute of Functional Medicine, 2019 | Continuing Education Units

  • School of Functional Medicine, 2020  | Continuing Education Units 

  • Graduate of The Nurse Coach Collective, 2019

  • Certificate of Transformational Nurse Coaching, 2019

  • Member of The Institute of Functional Medicine

What I Specialize In

What I Specialize In

Thyroid Health

Autoimmune Disorders 

Weight Loss

Functional Nutrition

Habit Modification

Habit Modification

Lifestyle Medicine

Inflammatory Diseases

Gut Health

Stress Reduction

Hormonal Imbalance

Functional Testing I Offer

Functional Stool Analysis


Diagnostic Solutions 

Organic Acids Test

Nutritional and Metabolic Profiles

Great Plains Laboratory

DUTCH testing

Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormones

Precision Anayltical

Mycotox Profile

Mold Exposure 

Realtime Labs

SIBO Breath Testing 

Genova Laboratory 

Book a Complimentary Consult 

After working with Melissa, I lost 15lbs, my dry eyes were gone, I was able to reduce my thyroid meds, my autoimmune markers started trending down and I no longer have issues with my arthritis

You only have one shot at this life and I’m so thankful I’m in a much better, healthier happier place.

Melissa was amazing and always had good strategies to help me.


Seriously I can’t thank Melissa enough for her advice and guidance!


If you are reading this and have any concerns similar to mine, reach out to Melissa today. Your mind and body will thank you!

~Megan, San Antonio, TX

I learned a lot of information about my condition that I did not know.  Information from recent studies and some things to try to make me more comfortable as I heal. 


I felt more confident knowing I could ask a nurse questions as I needed to and did not have to wait until my next appointment six months from now with my Dr.  She could address most of my concerns as they came up.  If it was something for my Dr. to address, she would say so and encourage me to reach out to him.


If you are newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and don’t know where to start, Melissa can really help you.  If you need someone to walk with you for a time, short or long, Melissa is for you.  If you need someone to help keep you on track, Melissa can do that too. I highly recommend her coaching services!"

~Jeannetta H. 52, TN


I have been dealing with weight loss resistance and other complications from Hashimoto’s disease for nearly a decade but never made any meaningful progress until I started working with Melissa.


She wears many hats in her practice-- patient advocate, cheerleader, educator, symptom detective, and supportive coach who meets clients where they are in their wellness journey.


I wish I had found her years ago and would encourage anyone struggling with their health to invest in themselves by partnering with her for coaching.


Sara H., 42, Nashville, TN

- Sara H. 42

Nashville, TN 

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