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Tracy Gary, RN

I am so pleased with my decision to take The Functional Medicine for Nurses class.


Melissa is not only extremely knowledgeable and great at teaching, she is a truly caring and compassionate person.


She is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She provided copies of her PowerPoint presentations, recordings of each class and a practitioners toolkit.


I would highly recommend her class.

Sarah Adams RN

I really enjoyed this course. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable with a firm grasp on the material.


The powerpoint and resources provided are invaluable. I will definitely continue taking her programs and would be a client in a heartbeat.


She has integrity and is pursuing truth medicine to heal and never harm. Melissa is a ray of light in a growing movement. Highly Highly recommend!

Mary Massey RN

Melissa is a great educator. She is very organized, concise, helpful and has given me so many tools to use for my practice and future endeavors. 

I actually stumbled across a video with Kimberly Overton interviewing Melissa Schreibfeder regarding her upcoming Functional Medicine Class.

As I listened to it, I knew immediately that I wanted to join. I had come to realize that allopathic medicine is only one part of the puzzle to good health and had watched the healthcare system change drastically over the last couple of years.


Kristin Sinn CRNA

I really enjoyed taking this introduction to functional medicine course from Melissa. Melissa is patient, organized, and experienced.


My background is in intensive care nursing and also anesthesia so my knowledge of functional medicine was pretty much nil.


I have been recommending this course to others, it’s time we step away from Pharma controlled traditional medicine and educate ourselves. I plan to sign up for the monthly continuing education.

Enrollment Includes:


Live Trainings

Practitioner Toolkit ($1,500 Value)

Wavied 250$ joining fee for Evexia Diagnostics

Community Membership

Total Investment of 2,500

Have Questions?

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