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      For half of my life I struggled with a multitude of symptoms.  I was referred from specialist to specialist, sent for multiple diagnostic tests and was continually dismissed from my providers and told my symptoms were just in my head. Now I know that my disease was misdiagnosed for so long because providers failed to order a complete thyroid panel and were using outdated ranges for interpretation of my labs.


      I finally received a diagnosis of Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism after the birth of my son.   I was disappointed by the conventional treatment because it did not alleviate my symptoms or address the root cause.  The conclusion from my healthcare team was, " This is your new baseline, there is nothing that can be done about the autoimmunity and no, diet does not matter."  Thankfully this is not true!

      I started doing my own research and working with functional medicine providers.  I then found that lifestyle does matter and is even supported by peer-reviewed scientific literature.  Making drastic changes to how I eat, manage stress and implementing self care has improved the quality of my life. 


     My thyroid antibodies are decreased now by 99% and I have eradicated the majority of my symptoms.   I have a whole new insight on how the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself.  Through my experience, I have found that my purpose in life is to help others improve their health and discover how amazing their lives are meant to be.

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