The best investment you can ever make

                 is in your own health.

Services Offered

Grocery Store Session:

We will go grocery shopping together at a location in Coolsprings of your choice.  I will show you how to shop for nutrient dense foods, how to avoid sneaky ingredients on food labels and teach you how to prepare easy healthy meals.  You will also be provided with a folder with an anti-inflammatory nutrition template, recipes and additional resources.  45-60 mins

Initial Comprehensive Assessment:

Review of nutritional status, health history, current symptoms, lifestyle and environmental factors, pertinent lab work and any other factors that are related to your condition.  Recommendations provided for lab work.  Formulated individualized wellness program with realistic action steps. Discounted functional medicine testing if needed.  

Follow up sessions:

-Functional medicine approach to wellness designed to help uncover the root cause of imbalance.   

-Coaching through lifestyle, nutrition, stress management, obstacles to change etc.

-Holistic support addressing all areas of wellness not just limited to physical but mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental.  

-Support in between sessions via email or text.

HSA/FSA Accepted

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