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I would recommend Melissa to anyone who is tired of doctors and health professionals who dismiss their symptoms, belittle their questions, or tell them that chronic health issues are “just part of getting older.” I have been dealing with weight loss resistance and other complications from Hashimoto’s disease for nearly a decade but never made any meaningful progress until I started working with Melissa. She wears many hats in her practice-- patient advocate, cheerleader, educator, symptom detective, and supportive coach who meets clients where they are in their wellness journey. I wish I had found her years ago and would encourage anyone struggling with their health to invest in themselves by partnering with her for coaching.

~Sara H., 42, Nashville, TN

Before I began working with Melissa, I was having to see my rheumatologist every 3 months to check my labs and monitor my autoimmune systems. I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s about 11 years ago, then diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year later, I began developing arthritis in my hands about 3 years ago, I was borderline for Lupus/Sjogrens and my latest ailment had been extreme dry eyes. I finally thought enough is enough.

I saw a post on Melissa’s page about her struggle with auto-immune issues and I trusted her enough as a friend to jump in feet first and trust her with my health because what I was doing with my doctor wasn’t enough. All they had done was prescribe drugs to mask my symptoms and TRY to prevent things from progressing even further. They never did anything to research or treat root cause.

I worked with Melissa for 3 months and tried to implement EVERYTHING she recommended to the best of my ability. I also began a new diet program where I started prioritizing protein in my diet. By the end of the 3 months I had lost 15lbs, my dry eyes were gone, I had been able to reduce my thyroid meds, no more issues with my arthritis and my last visit to my Rhuematologist, I thought he might jump for joy at my labs. He said I was doing everything right and to keep doing whatever I was doing.

You only have one shot at this life and I’m so thankful I’m in a much better, healthier happier place. Melissa was amazing and always had good strategies to help me. One big example is that I replaced my nightly glass of wine with CBD oils. I barely drink anymore and my sleep has never been better. Seriously I can’t thank Melissa enough for her advice and guidance! If you are reading this and have any concerns similar to mine, reach out to Melissa today. Your mind and body will thank you!

~Megan, San Antonio, TX

Before I started working with Melissa, I was uncomfortable every single day. I was experiencing unexplained fatigue, weight gain, muscle and joint pain, hormonal symptoms, sleep disturbances, and a host of other complaints. I was taking approximately 19 prescriptions, several of which were used to treat side effects of other prescriptions. It was a nightmare. I was truly exhausted from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep, and was experiencing random aches and pains every single day. My digestive system was a mess. I had also been diagnosed with chronic migraines after they became a near-daily occurrence. 


Through the process of working with Melissa, I have seen wonderful improvement! One of the most meaningful improvements for me is I have been able to safely discontinue several prescriptions, with plans to slowly discontinue more. My headaches have diminished in frequency and intensity. My skin has cleared up. I have a better understanding of my conditions and how to improve them (and what may make them worse). I have been tested for nutritional deficiencies and have been taking the proper supplements to treat those deficiencies. My hormones have been tested and I now know what the true state of my hormonal imbalance had been, despite my GYN having recently told me my hormones were at normal levels. I am taking supplements to balance my hormones as well. 


More generally, I understand what things in my environment affect my health, such as my makeup and skin care products. I am more aware of what I eat and how it affects me. I eat brands of food I would have never tried without Melissa's recommendation, and I shop at different grocery stores than I used to. I am also more aware of my stress level and how to prevent it from shooting through the roof, especially when I am working. I am also seeing a new PCP who is wonderful and, like Melissa, she takes all of my symptoms into account. She has a "whole body" approach, something that I have been looking for in a physician but hadn't found on my own. 


One of the most impactful ways that Melissa aided my improvement was by being another resource for me to turn to. Many times physicians don't have time to answer questions or research all of your concerns, but every time I reported to Melissa what a physician said or what my test results were, she would take the time to both research my symptoms or test results, and provide scientifically-backed suggestions on what they might mean or recommend what to follow up with the physician about.

If you are reading this and are wondering if you should work with Melissa, I would definitely say do it! Especially if you have any unexplained symptoms, symptoms that are disruptive to your life and wellbeing, or if you have not been able to get anywhere with a traditional doctor by yourself. If you are convinced something is wrong or needs to change, but your physician has told you everything is normal. Melissa can help you discover what others have overlooked or dismissed. She is a great advocate, a knowledgeable guide, and a tremendous asset, and I am far better for having worked with her! 

~Jessica, Tennessee

"I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s earlier this year and doctor told me that I should make changes to my diet to help my symptoms. I tried to make changes on my own but ended up overwhelmed. Thankfully, Melissa was recommended to me through a Hashimoto’s group. 

Melissa helped me find a diet that reduced my symptoms and worked with me to lower stress. Melissa provided great tips on changing my diet and helped me find new alternatives where I never felt deprived or that I’m missing out. She’s a wonderful resource! Melissa also helped diagnose me with SIBO and after treatment I’m feeling so much better. Melissa is wonderful to work with and I can’t recommend her enough!!!"

~Melissa K, 39, Tennessee 

"I really enjoyed working with Melissa!  She listened to my situation and helped to address issues with care, concern, understanding, and science.  She was great about following up with emails to summarize what we talked about.  She was also able to help walk me through some responses while I was going through a deep body/gut cleanse that I had not expected.  It is great to have someone that you can discuss these things with while you are in them, someone that understands what is going on with your body and its systems.

I learned a lot of information about my condition that I did not know.  Information from recent studies and some things to try to make me more comfortable as I heal.  I felt more confident knowing I could ask a nurse questions as I needed to and did not have to wait until my next appointment six months from now with my Dr.  She could address most of my concerns as they came up.  If it was something for my Dr. to address, she would say so and encourage me to reach out to him.

One serious challenge I had was addressing the multitude of food sensitives and allergies that I had developed along with the Hashimoto’s.  She was able to explain the different approaches that were currently available and make that concern less stressful.  I also learned about additional supplements that could be beneficial for my system and how to make easier choices when eating out or on the run.  Her recommendations also supported those of my Functional Medicine Providers.  It’s great to have a team of medical people all on the same page.

If you are newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and don’t know where to start, Melissa can really help you.  If you need someone to walk with you for a time, short or long, Melissa is for you.  If you need someone to help keep you on track, Melissa can do that too. I highly recommend her coaching services!"

~Jeannetta H. 52, TN

Working with Melissa has brought back to mind the things that I had forgotten or let slip from my daily and weekly routine I had previously established. In addition to that she provided me with new information that has helped and will continue to help me live a full life without symptoms of Crohn's or the unwanted side effects of medication.

She was very encouraging of me even when my progress between meetings felt minimal. Her encouragement made me want to try harder and do better for the next meeting. I enjoyed her cheerful attitude even during points when I was feeling discouraged about my progress or challenges I felt unable to overcome.


Thanks to Melissa’s coaching, I have been motivated to reestablish healthy routines such as regular exercise, a healthier diet, and focusing on a positive mental attitude. Those might seem like minor things but sometimes I just need that external support to get committed and focused which you provided.


Her   unique perspective, particularly about various healthy foods--what to eat and what to avoid--provided me with new information that will help me improve my health even more.


I would recommend Melissa to anyone dealing with any number of health issues. More specifically, anyone dealing with an autoimmune disease. Based on my experience as well as others I know it can be possible to get free of many medications that only create the illusion of healthiness. With her help and resources along with a proper Functional Medicine Doctor it can be possible to achieve a high level of health without the need of drugs.

~Matt I. 34 Nashville, TN

I was blown away by the knowledge and care Melissa showed me within just one visit! I have been searching for answers to some gut / hormone issues I’ve been having.-

She picked up on issues other practitioners didn’t even mention to me by reviewing my symptoms, talking with me about my concerns, end reviewing lab work.

I am so excited to continue to work with Melissa and gain more insight and solutions to feeling better inside and out. Thank you!

~Nikki O. TN

Before I started working with Melissa, I had a lot of stress in my life and there weren’t enough hours in the day to get things done.  I didn’t think I had anytime to relax and slow down.  Melissa changed that for me!  She taught me how reduce stress by mindfulness and that it was okay to take time for myself.  I learned so much from her!  Melissa is amazing and a very caring and genuine person!  I have so much more peace now in my life since working with her!  Thank you, Melissa,!


~Karen Cobb

I started working with Melissa after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism.   She helped me to discover what areas of my life and diet that needed to change for me to feel better. I loved working with Melissa and felt so comfortable with her especially since she also has Hashimoto’s. I recommend her highly to anyone since she is so knowledgeable about nutrition and also a registered nurse. Since my time with Melissa, I've stopping eating processed foods, have begun eating organic fruit and vegetables and have lost weight!  Thank you Melissa for teaching me so much about Hashimoto’s and how to heal! 

~Liz R. 65 Nashville, TN

I was struggling with weight loss after my femur was broken. I was very encouraged after my meetings with Melissa and her insight on options for me to research.

My experience with Melissa was very positive and found her to be very engaging in listening to my concerns. She offered different ideas and provided me links to additional information. In addition, she encouraged me to get back on track at my local gym.

If you are seeking a knowledgeable and caring provider, please contact Melissa. She will definitely guide you on establishing your personal goals.

~J. T. 54, Tennessee

Melissa helped me focus in on my goals and gave me someone to be accountable to.  Instead of saying I needed to do something that impacted my mental health and being a mother, working with Melissa made me accountable and helped me go through with what I have been thinking about doing for months.  She listened to my concerns non-judgmentally and in a supportive environment.  I loved being able to talk to her and get things off my chest.  Being a stay at home mom can be hard at times, so I really needed  (and enjoyed!) my talks with Melissa! She helped me focus on my mental health in a positive way.  For months I had been saying I wanted to focus my energy on other aspects of my life.  She asked me thought provoking questions that helped me better see and understand my own true happiness.  I’m a nurse and mom who was needing some clarity in life, so I feel others needing a lending ear or nurses’s opinion would greatly benefit from working with Melissa!

~Megan S. Georgia

Melissa has a wealth of knowledge and is brilliant!!! She was so supportive and encouraging throughout all of my obstacles! She helped me with all of my research and assisted me in deciding what route to take in order to fight like a warrior and beat cancer!!!  It worked!! We did it and I'm so happy!

~Gina, 36 Franklin, TN

I had a great experience working with Melissa!  She provided me with so many beneficial resources.   She was consistently positive, professional and informative throughout our sessions.  She helped me improve my water intake and taught me about a multitude of healing modalities.

~Candy Richey

When I first started working with Melissa I lived my life constantly playing "catch up".  I could not get out from under the lists of things that "had" to be done.  I was not able to find time for myself to practice mindfulness.  While I believed whole heartedly in practicing mindfulness, there was never enough time...

Melissa helped me create time for mindfulness practice during my day.  Soon after I unexpectedly started looking at many other areas of my life that I wanted to work on.  In a very short time Melissa had me diving in and making positive changes in many aspects of my life.  I loved that she followed up each session with several wonderful resources from which I could work with.  My only regret is not getting help with things sooner!

Thank you Melissa!

~Cari Gill, 49, Houston, TX

Working with Melissa was amazing! I was at a crossroads in many areas in my life and she was able to help me take the time and space to regroup and get in touch with what my true goals were. I was able to prioritize and make better use of my time. She is very knowledgeable about health and wellness and was a great example for me.


I appreciated her kindness and the space she provided me to get in touch with what my true motivations and set reasonable goals and accountability to achieve them.


I would highly recommend Melissa as a nurse health coach.

~Mary J. VT.


"Melissa was so patient and diligent with working with me. I appreciated her dedication to help me find some of the factors that are/were leading to my concerns.


I would definitely recommend her to help work through things that are bothering you physically. She will definitely do what she can to help you!"

~Karen, TN

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